Meet the animals

Step into our charming sanctuary at Wild Wanderers, where every hoof, feather, and quack tells a unique tale of adventure, mischief, and heartwarming companionship!


Cheeky little Kids!

Introducing the liveliest trio you’ll ever encounter: Poppy, Joey, and Dorothy! This family of mum, brother, and sister arrived at Wild Wanderers in March 2023. They’re a spirited blend of Toggenburg and Anglo-Nubian breeds, known for their playful antics of running, jumping, and attempting daring escapes from their pen, complete with their charming floppy ears!


Woodland Trail

Explore the woodland trail with your little one as they transform into woodland fairies or elves, spotting critters and mini beasts along the way. Can they find all the fairy houses hidden along the path? For older adventurers, embark on a scavenger hunt to help them explore nature with a prize for everyone who completes the challenge! Enjoy balancing on the bridges and stepping through the marsh; just don’t fall in! and don’t forget your wellies!


Cuddly Sheeps

You simply can’t resist falling in love with our four cuddliest farm animals! Meet Blu, Lewis, Twinkle, and Timmy. Among them, Blu is the friendliest of the bunch. But watch out! They all have a big appetite and might mistake your picnic for their own feast! They’re a bunch of curious, mischievous, and utterly lovable characters you won’t be able to resist!


The Cluckiest Chickens

As part of our morning routine for animal care and feeding, we have a delightful group of chickens renowned for their exceptional talent in laying delicious golden-yolked eggs. Every morning, we eagerly embark on the egg-collecting adventure, eagerly anticipating the bounty they’ve bestowed upon us and delighting in the joy of counting each and every one we gather!


Muddy Pigs

Meet our very own Salt and Pepper Kune Kune piggies who live right here at Wild Wanderers! These two piggy sisters were rescued and brought to the farm before we arrived but we do know they’ve been trotting around for about 8 years now here, which is quite grown-up for piggies. They like to talk too! If you say hi to them, they might answer you with their funny grunts!


The Quakiest Quackers

We’ve got a variety of ducks here at our place! You might be familiar with the Mallard Ducks you see at the park. But we also have some special ones: the Appleyards, who were orphaned and found a new home with us, and our very own resident runner duck named in the finest tuxedo who we hatched from an egg right here on our farm!

Wildlife and Recreation Areas


The Carpenter’s Natural Environment

At the bottom of the courtyard a traditional 5-bar Devon gate leads to our area of tranquillity. This incorporates an orchard, children’s play area, sheep and lamb paddocks, pig pens and seating for relaxation and the enjoyment of Carpenter’s pure natural environment.

Keep strolling towards the next gate which leads to the River Tamar meadows. We have purposely left these meadows as a natural environment with the river, pond and woodland trails.

If you have the patience and the time is right, you can see Red and Roe deer, birds of prey soaring in the thermals, kingfishers sweeping and darting along the river, and majestic otters playing. The idyllic river setting with peace and quiet allows some good fishing, fish include Trout, Roach, Grayling and in late autumn Salmon returning to spawn.

The Smallholding

We have a flock of sheep which we lamb in Spring. As with nature we do have orphan lambs, which gives you a rewarding chance to bottle feed them. We also have some pigs who love to say hello!

Experiencing the animals and countryside is our thing. We as a family always welcome and enjoy any help, be it assisting in feeding the animals or general countryside involvement.

Electric Vehicle Charging

An electric vehicle charging point is available for our guests on site.

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